Buster The Boston Terrier


My Name is Buster the Boston Terrier. I have a whole bunch of friends that I would like to talk about. In the process I would liketo talk about Dogs and Boston Terriers along with some about dogs info.
 Black and white is the most common of colors for the Boston Terrier. Some other colors are Brown, or even brindle. The markings may be different on some of the colors. Some may even have a curly tail. The breed comes in three different sizes. Small (about 10 pounds), medium (about 15-20 pounds) and lastly the large ( 22 to 28 pounds). The shape of the head will change the most as the Boston Terrier grows from a puppy to a dog. And will always be the cute little coddly dog.
   The Boston Terrier works very hard working for attention. While demandding attention along with doing anything to get it. Usally very loyal to one family member the most. But shows love and respect for all family members. Always glad to see friends. Makes friends any where they go. Always ready to go for a walk or a car ride. Gets along great with other dogs and sometimes cats.
Always ready for a cool relaxing day in the grass. The Boston Terrier does not fair well in the high heat and humidity.